• Crowds, Culture, and Cuisine: the Ancient and Modern City

The Adventures of Roma

After a short walk, we arrived at Vatican City. Finding ourtour guide we got tickets and proceeded into the musem. During our tour we got the chance to see the Vatican, Basilica of St. Peter, and the Sistene Chapel. Walking around the Vatican museum we had the chance to view a vast collection of historical artwork including paintings, mosaics, and sculptures. We received a ton of information, which was overwhelming at time as Rome offers much history making it difficult to cover in a few short hours. We sawmanly works of art done by Michelangelo including the beautiful Sistine Chapel. The Pope wanted Michelangelo to paint the chapel, but he initially refused since he was known for sculpting. Unwillingly, Michelangelo began to paint and it took him four years to complete. Out of spite, Michelangelo added elements o the paintings that made a mockery of the Pope. Continuing our adventure, we stumbled upon the basilica of St. Peter which turned out to be about a hundred times larger than we expected. After our tour was done, we continued on to the basement of St. Peter to see the sand tombs of previous Popes. We then took our tired legs up 331 stairs to get to the top of the dome above the basilica. Although the winding and sideways staircases may have made us uneasy, it was worth the journey as the view was breathtaking. After skipping the elevator down, we took the stairs the whole way down making it another 531 steps that were even more frightening than going up. Four our efforts on the stairs, we treated ourselves to some pizza and gelato beforee dragging these four tired feet up the hill to our hotel.

Amor Roma!!!

-Rachel and Krista