• Introduction to Commercial French

Notre Dame and Versailles

The Notre Dame service was very nice. Some of us went up and got communion or a blessing depending on our beliefs. Then we were free for about two hours. It was a little cold out and I didn't want to be outside, so what's a person to do? I went to get tea and have some lunch. I ordered my tea and got some escargots, which are really good despite what peopel may think; and I people watched for an hour or so.

Then off to Versailles, were we were given almost two hours to go explore the place. The pictures I have for you are the King's bedroom. Only a king would have a room of all gold, I think. It's a bit ostentacious for my tastes though.

Notre Dame looks sort of Christmas like to me, with candle chandeliers.
Only the King would have a room where everything is Gold.
I hope you can read it.