• Introduction to Commercial French

Food, Toilets, and Pretty Pictures

The french eat a very balanced meal when they do not eat out. However, when they do eat out, it's usually for breakfast or lunch, in which case they would stop by a pâtisserie or a boulangerie (a pastry or bread shop). As we are visitors without a kitchen, most of us have eaten many sandwiches and bagettes from the boulangerie or croissants from the pâtisserie and crêpes from the creperies. Needless to say, we are all a little tired of carbs, but happily satisfied with each one. Most of us do long for a delicious steak or burger though.

When the french don't eat out, they enjoy a two hour lunch break and a two or three course meal at their home, which they prepare and eat in that lunch hour. Most Americans are used to eating on the run, so a lot of us are sitting around wondering what to do with the extra hour or hour and a half we have.

Another difference is the French have a room for the toilet and then a room for the sink and tub. Usually they are right next to each other, but that means you have to leave the toilet room, walk down the hall, and walk into another room before you wash your hands. Yuck! The door handles are not clean in my opinion, but it's a lot like a public restroom in America.

Lastly, here are some pictures from the last week's events.

Basketball Game!
Could it be? Is it she?
Oh look! A carousel.