• Introduction to Commercial French

It's Raining, it's Pouring, and People are Cold.

So as a person who loves rain, I didn't bring an umbrella or a coat with a hood. Just me and the rain.

12 of us set off on a bus to town, then a bus to the outskirts of town, where we walked about ten minutes to a rugby field. An hour into that, we were just not feeling it. That may have to do with the fact that some of us don't understand rugby, or that it was windy, or that it was raining hard enough that our clothes were soaked. Whatever the case, we decided that one hour was enough.

So we left, but the bus wasn't going to come for another hour. So what's a person to do? Walk. We took a nice 45 or 60 minute walk back into town, where we called Dr. Feat and she stopped by to make sure we got on the right bus back to the hotel.

Promptly, 12 students used the showers and used all the hot water in the hotel :)