• English Theatre: Mirror of Society and the Human Condition

Roaming Londontown

The weather here has been borderline balmy. So far, we’ve had sun nearly every day and sporadic drizzling at night.

Every morning our walk to class consists of meandering through an adorable little lane with vines tumbling down the sides of brick houses. My documentation of a part of the lane was interrupted by three of my super cute friends…


We visited Westminster Abbey by way of a self-guided audio tour. The immensity of the structure is absolutely beyond words. I was disappointed to learn we weren’t allowed to take photos on the inside, but in retrospect I’m okay with the restriction. There is no way my camera could have even begun to capture the grandeur and intricacy of the abbey.


After the tour, we stopped at St. Jame’s Park on our way to see Buckingham Palace. We took a peek inside a little cottage in the park. I think it was called The Bird Keeper’s Cottage. There were ducks and pigeons and geese galore at this park. My friend Emily even found a miniature rugby ball in a pond.

We’ve only seen a handful of the sights here and already had a blast finding our way. We leave tomorrow for our week through Stratford, York, and Edinburgh. Keep up with us on our road trip through the week!