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The Emily Adventure


When one thinks of England the first thought is usually Big Ben, the Queen, and baby George. The second thought is pubs. We’re here to tell you about the latter. Pubs are a great place to get a bite to eat and have a pint of Guinness. They are a huge part of the culture here and a good way to interact with the locals. Visiting the pubs here have highlighted the differences of drinking culture between America and the UK. To start out you are assured to have a pub within a two block radius of where you’re standing. One might be in a little nook down an alley, or it might be between two churches, or even standing alone on its own patch of pavement.






The first large difference is the times when the pubs will be crowded. In America we typically will get a drink after dinner or when going to a bar we would get there around 10 pm. Here in the UK the pubs will be crowded after work, around 5 or 6. And often you’ll find someone in a pub at three in the afternoon who has already had a few too many pints. Another difference is that it’s not uncommon to find a man (or woman) reading a book and drinking a pint all by his (or her) lonesome.



If you go to a pub with more than four people, everyone who’s already in there will give your group a look that may make you want to turn around and walk back out. Everything here is on a smaller scale, pubs included. Travelling in packs of more than four is not advised. Another thing is that many pubs here are part of a huge chain, they all have different names, but the same gold letters on a black sign. The chains have good food and good beer, but they are a little pricey. To find the good deals, one just has to search on the internet to find the cool little pubs that don’t see a lot of foot traffic from tourists.


All in all it has been a great trip with great people. We can’t wait for more adventures!

Signing out,