• Traveling the Path of Early Books

Trekking through Rurual Ireland

Bright (actually not so bright because the sun does not rise until about 9:00 am) and early we boarded a bus to Cong, Ireland. In Cong we visited a monestary and a historic castle, which is now a vacation spot for many famous people. At the monestary we walked along the flooded river, explored the ruins, and hiked the gorgeously green nature trails. A statue of John Wayne stood in the town by the monestary and we took pictures next to it.

Our next stop was Professor Martinson's relatives family farm. There we were shown Irish hospitality and given a tour of their farming operation. They were so kind, they even updated us on the scores of the American football games!

The Muesum of Country Life was our next destination, in beautiful County Mayo. The road to the museum wound up into the mountains. On the left of the road were the green mountains and on the right stretched a picturesque lake. The road looked like something out of a movie. The Museum of Country Life depicted the life of ordinary Irish people. It was both interesting and informative. 

Our next stop was the Clough Patrick. This mountainous site was claimed to the the spot where St. Patrick fought the devil's mother and banished the snakes from Ireland. It was also a pilgrimage of St. Patrick, and one that many Irish Catholics embark on today. We did not climb to the top, but we did make it to the first level giving us beautiful views of the bay. 

Lastly, we ended at the pub featured in the movie "the field." It was a relaxing way to end the day. Check out our cute group pictures!


The group in the arches of a monastery in Cong
Castle in Cong
Monastery in Cong
Bailey hiking in the Monastery gardens
Second group picture in monastery :)
Statue of St. Patrick at the first level
Lake in County Mayo, Ireland