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Irish country time

Sorry I did not post yesterday, we got in late to the mountainous city of Glendalough late and we do not have free wifi up in the mountains. Just to inform everyone, everyone here is happy, safe and healthy.

The town of Glendalough is looks like something out of a dream! It is surrounded on two sides by ridges spotted with green trees and a red understory. The contrast is striking and with little sheep dotting the hill, the feeling of being in the Irish country is definitely present. Today we went to a ancient monetary with the ruins of a cathedral, cemetary, and round tower. The ruins were beautiful and the atmosphere when we were visiting it was eerie because there was fog rolling off the ridges and it wa drizzling rain. 

We then went hiking in Glendalough National Park which is by far the most beautiful place I have ever hiked before. On the path two two gorgous lakes there is a small trickling stream on one side, and a larger roaring stream on the other side. There are mossy trees all around and waterfalls every few miles. The view from the lakes was breathtaking. I will post pictures, but neither words nor images can capture the beauty. 

Tomorrow we head to Galway after a long bus trip, making stops in different small Irish towns. So excited!


Irish ancient cathedral
Irish Monetary