• Traveling the Path of Early Books

The Book of Kells

With an early start we headed to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. We drew the calligraphy scripts of the book of Kells and saw the Trinity College Library. After, we headed to the museum of archaeology and history to see "bog finds" which were remains of people that were preserved in a bog. Parts of their skin and organs were preserved. It was a cool exhibit!

After we went next door to the National Library where we saw an exhibit on W.B. Yeats which was interactive and informative. Our next stop was an exhibition on Ireland's lockout. This information was helpful because we are going to see a play tonight relating to the lockout. The last stop on our busy day was a Dublin art gallery which we used to look at strictly Irish artists. The artworks were varied and beautiful and everyone picked their favorite :)

We are excited for the play tonight and feel very content with the information we learned about today. Tomorrow we are heading off to Glendalough, a mountanous city near the western coast of Ireland. We are really excited to see what Ireland has to offer us!



Picture of Trinity College