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No wifi!

I am so sorry that there haven't been any updates lately. Finding wifi and time has been difficult in the past couple days. The internet has been down at the places that I usually used to post on the blog, even at the school. I assumed that I would be able to get wifi in the airport, but I was wrong. So, I am typing this post on my phone as we speak.

I have some great updates from the past few days--we went to a cacao farm and a beautiful national park. I will try to get those posted as soon as possible. However, I make no guarantees about posting while we are in Cuba. Finding internet could be very difficult and the website I use to post the blog might be blocked in Cuba. It will be an experience, that's for sure.

I will try hardest to continue posting, but if you don't hear from me this week it is because I don't have access. Everyone is doing well and we are all excited for our time in Cuba! We are in the Miami airport, about to board our plane. Hopefully I will be able to share our experience with everyone reading!