• War, Peace and Reconciliation in Cambodia

Sun, Sand, and Seashells

We started bright and early this morning with an hour and a half boat ride through Ream National Park. On the journey to our private beach, we cruised past many fields of mangrove trees, and we also had the luxury of seeing dolphins breaching near our boat. When we got there, we enjoyed playing in the ocean for a couple hours without anyone else around.

After basking in the sun, searching for shells, and walking on the beach, we hiked to the other side of the peninsula to eat lunch. Those who enjoyed seafood agreed that the fresh (probably caught this morning) tuna and prawns were the best lunch we've had all month. Not to mention we each got an entire baguette to ourselves.

After we finished our delicious lunch, we took the boat back to the park entrance. During the long boat ride, a few of us learned how to speak a few words of Khmer from the National Park Ranger. In order to wake up those who were taking a quick catnap, we were served some of the best mango we've ever had. Too bad mango trees don't grow in Iowa.

We've made it back to the hotel, where most of us will have dinner on the beach. We all now understand why these are considered some of the best beaches in the world. While we're all enjoying 80 degree weather and bright sunshine, we are all glad we're stuck in the arctic tundra of Iowa. Stay warm!