• War, Peace and Reconciliation in Cambodia

Hello Gulf of Thailand and Beautiful Beaches!

Our our time was up in Battambang so today we traveled to our last destination, Sihanoukville. We were all excited to journey to the coastal city as we all have been told of the many beautiful beaches that can be found along on the Gulf of Thailand.
We traveled to Sihanoukville via 3 hour bus ride back to our previous city, Siem Reap, where we stopped for lunch at our favorite spot-Pub Street. After lunch we traveled to the airport where we were to board a one hour flight to Sihanoukville. Some were nervous about the small size of the plane, but we made it safe and sound! After we all got settled into our hotel, we had a free night to enjoy dinner on our own and do a little exploring of our new city.

We are excited to see what Sihanoukville has in store for us for these final few days. Hopefully it will include plenty of time for some swimming and soaking up the sun before we have to head home to be welcomed back by the sub zero temperatures!