• War, Peace and Reconciliation in Cambodia

A Bumpy Journey to Battambang

Now that our service is done in Siem Reap, today was a travel day to Battambang. It took us a very bumpy three hours, but we arrived safely this afternoon. We began our stay with traditional Khmer food followed by a walking tour of the city. The guide showed us a little bit of the town, including pointing out exotic fruits in the market. We noticed that this region is less "touristy" than the other cities, and we attracted a little more attention.

Then, we had a class at the hotel where we discussed the activities we want to do on Friday with the Life With Dignity organization. We will have 108 fifth and sixth graders to sing, play, and do crafts with. 

The evening was free and most of us found restaurants for dinner, followed by a relaxing evening at the hotel.