• Subtropical and Marine Biology

Day 17: Flying Back to Miami

Last Day at GRC

After a good going away breakfast of pancakes and bacon, we begin packing, take a last walk on the beach and take some last minute pictures of our home for the past two weeks.

Final walk on East Beach


Several members of the group went to East Beach for a long walk on the beach. Abby C. said that "It was really bitter sweet. The water was calm and it was fun finding all the strange garbage that washed up on the beach. We tried to find a chest of gold dubloons, but alas, we were unsucessfull."

We will be flying to Nassau around 2:00 pm and will arrive in Miami around 8:00pm if there no delays. Expect delays!

Itty-bitty airplane

The End

Well, here we are at the end of our adventure. We made it to Miami in time for pizza at the hotel, and though we were bound for the snow and a balmy temperature of some awful number below zero, we learned that the Bieb got arrested nearby, so not all bad. 

Even though the majority of nature was out to get us (i.e. Fire Coral, Fire Worms, Fire Sponges, Poison apple, Pain Pond, Long-spined urchins hiding in the rocks... The list goes on), we had lots of fun, and enjoyed doing our homework (How often will you be able to say that?). We had good times and good weather (mostly) and were sad to say good-bye to our temporay home, but excited to get to work on those research papers (was I too heavy on the sarcasm?) and posters. Oh, and that final exam. That's not underwater. Bummer.





The Dorm
Good-bye, Classroom
We left our mark.
Left our mark here, too...
Good-bye, Frenemy
This seems familiar...
I feel like a sardine, how 'bout you?
Team Fuzzy Chitons
Team Parrot Head
Team Tidal Waves
Team Cubs Win!
Team Snorkel Bob
Team The Gruesome Deucesome
Team Glub Glub