• Subtropical and Marine Biology

Day 12: Pigeon Creek and the Clinic

Pigeon Creek

The first item on the agenda today was to swim Pigeon Creek. We arrived at the tidal creek on the other side of the island just as the tide began to go out. And just as the sun decided to dosappear behind a never-ending wall of clouds, making everything that much colder. We had a bit of a hard time swimming up stream, but we saw some interesting things. The creek was lined by red mangroves on either side, their roots providing some great hiding places, and the bottom alternated between sand, sea grass beds, and the occasional ledge.

The entrance to Pigeon Creek

There were several Cushion Sea Stars, one of which was eating something, and a few East Indian Sea Eggs cruising around (slowly) in the grass. There were grouper, Black and Nassau, and several puffer fish (who were all fish, and no puff). There were barracuda (significantly smaller than those seen previously), and Caribbean Spiny Lobster hanging out under some ledges, as well as the schools of silversides that pretty much infested parts of the mangrove roots. 

The return trip downstream was much easier, and we practically flew through the water (the current helped). We explored the beach for a bit before taking off, giving Austin B. time to discover that a fallen coconut that had been sitting out in the sun for a while gives off a gag-worthy stench. It was almost worth the ghost crab that flew out of the newly created hole. Almost.

The Blow-Hole

Steven by the blow hole

After crawling out of the creek (still without that paddle), we stopped at the "blow-hole" for field lunch and to enjoy the scenery. The blow-hole consisted of a long stretch of exposed, rocky coast that, when the waves hit, produed geyser-like spouts at various places along the shore. This was pretty cool.

We explored the area while munching on PB&J's and some of us got soaked (again) in the process. The waves crashing into the rocks were much bigger than what we'd seen so far, and they managed to wet the ground we stood on, at least four feet above the water, in some places. The spouts were created 

The weather was still less than great, but no rain yet, so all plans were currently a go. French Bay was our next stop! Until we replaced it with the San Salvador Clinic. The place that we were specifically told to avoid. Not because it's dangerous or something, but only because Dr. Eichinger explained that he pretty much spent every other day there on previous trips and didn't want to see it again. Kyrie D. fixed that real quick by falling on the jagged rocks and splitting her knee open. But everything's ok! She saved the sandwich! And, you know, got a couple stitches, but everything's good! Team Glub Glub is down a research member in the field, but we got it covered and Kyrie is recovering splendidly.

We also spent the wait for Kyrie's diagnosis solving Cholo's Minute Mysteries (some lady was naked in a vegetable garden, and Jack and Jill were dead on the floor in a puddle of water and broken glass, how and why are they there?), figuring out a few word games, and the remainder was spent with telephone pictionary.

We made one final stop at Cockburn town for souvenirs and ice cream (because that solves everyone's problems), and headed for GRC, showers and dinner. We'll see what tomorrow brings, hopefully we won't see the clinic again!


Hungry cushion sea star
Balloonfish at Pigeon Creek
Chilling at Pigeon Creek
Lunch on the rocks
Joe gets splashed
Catching up on journals at the beach