Course Topics

MUS 238: Composition Workshop

A workshop for students interested in exploring composition and improvisation. Students are exposed to a range of musical styles and compositional practices, and these musical explorations result in original compositions which are workshopped an preformed. Class culminates in a concert of new works. No prerequisites, but some precious study of music theory is highly beneficial. 


PAID 450: Ethical Choices: Silence

A team-taught course for juniors and seniors devoted to interdisciplinary study of ethical issues that confront us in our lives as learners and citizens. Paideia 450 courses pay special attention to the nature of moral decision-making through discussion and the continued development of students' writing skills. The Paideia 450 requirement is completed during the junior or senior year in a course taught at Luther College or in a designated Luther-sponsored program. 

MUS 356: Electro-Acoustic Music

An introductory course in electro-acoustic music in which students: 1) listen to music which uses technology in an essential way, 2) study the physics of sound and digital signal processing, and 3) create original music using a digital audio workstation. The course culminates in a recital of original works. This course is normally required as preparation for advanced independent work in the Presser Electronic Music Studio. Offered alternate years. 

MUS 338: Composition 

Individual composition lessons designed to develop compositional facility in a variety of styles and media. Students also participate in a weekly composition seminar and interact with guest composers. May be repeated for credit. May be taken for 1 or 2 credits as directed by instructor.