Why Study Journalism?

Through journalism, a liberal arts education intersects with the world. Journalists have a need to discover and understand what is happening, whether it be a crime, a financial crisis, a clothing trend, or a rock concert. They deliver this information as an engaging story to an audience for whom it matters.

Journalism is for people who:

  • Are curious and inspired
  • Care about accuracy
  • Think well on their feet and handle deadlines
  • Think critically
  • Enjoy building networks and talking to people
  • Care about the quality of language
  • Have an aesthetic eye
  • Like being in the know about current events

Why Study Journalism at Luther?

Studying journalism at Luther means having a journalism minor enhanced by the liberal arts. You can study English, biology, communication studies, athletic training, and so much more. This establishes a foundation that allows you to pursue a variety of paths in journalism and media.

Supported by our passionate faculty, the journalism minor provides a core of coursework in journalistic practice. Then, you pursue further coursework in the areas that matter most to you. You will also gain professional experience through an on-campus internship, preparing you to leave Luther with the skills necessary to pursue a career in journalism.