Off-Campus Internships

Elizabeth Stay

Elizabeth StayWhen: Spring 2016
Where: Susan Davis International, Washington, D.C.
Major: Communication Studies

Elizabeth spent a semester at Susan Davis International in Washington, D.C. As a public relations intern, she helped draft press releases and brainstorm public relation plan ideas, among other tasks. To complete these tasks, Elizabeth found that many skills such as interpersonal communication and articulate writing were essential to her internship. Elizabeth was able to use the skills she learned in her classes at Luther to help her succeed. One of the most important skills she developed was how to accept and grow from her flaws. Despite the challenges she faced, Elizabeth was able to embrace and overcome them. Most rewarding to Elizabeth was how much she had grown over the course of the semester. This growth mindset is what she will continue to apply towards her career field.

Hannah Mick

KWWL News Channel 7

When: January 2016
KWWL News Channel 7, Waterloo, IA
Communication Studies

KWWL News Channel 7 is a news channel based in Waterloo, Iowa. Hannah had the opportunity to intern there where she observed and worked with the producers, photojournalists, journalists, and reporters. She gained hands-on experience writing the news, shooting and editing video, interviewing, and creating news packages. She realized that it takes a lot to physically produce the news, and that broadcasting news is more like a team sport. Everyone was positive and worked together to create something meaningful and important. Hannah knows that she chose the right major and minor to study because she was able to apply so many of the things she learned from various classes during this internship. Not only did she learn that coffee will be an essential beverage in her future, but found that working in the TV news business is what she wants to do with the rest of her life, which is extremely important.

Paige Lobdell

Paige with one of her coworkers during her internship with KFAN.When: January, 2015
Where: iHeart Media
Major: Communication Studies

Last January, Paige worked for the iHeartMedia company in Minneapolis and specifically under the KFAN Sports Radio. This station covers Minnesota professional and collegiate athletics with four shows throughout the day, hosted by a variety of radio figures. At KFAN, Paige worked at the shows, such as the “Paul Allen Show,” and was in charge of greeting guests, answering fan call-ins, running prize giveaways, and setting up interviews. She also learned how to use editing software to cut audio clips and set each of them up for podcasting. In her spare time, Paige would sit in a recording studio and practice creating her own show. At the end of her internship, Paige was sent to the University of Minnesota to sit in on basketball or hockey press conferences and record the audio for future shows. Throughout her experience, Paige is most proud of her time on-air. She loved reading the vibes of the conversations and is proud to have both Paul Allen and Ben Leber compliment her voice and mention she has a bright future ahead. This internship gave her complete insight to the media world of radio, allowing her to compare it to other forms of media and decide which might be the right fit in the future.