Course Topics

MGT 339 ST:Electronic Commerce
Emerging online technologies have revolutionized the buying and selling of goods and services in the marketplace. The course is designed to challenge students to explore the realities and implications of e-commerce from a manager's perspective. This course does not assume the student has any previous electronic commerce management experience. Topics include: internet revenue models and their execution on the web, payment acceptance and security issues, designing electronic storefronts, planning for electronic commerce, and the legal and ethical challenges of electronic commerce.

MGT 351 Principles of Marketing
A survey course emphasizing the marketing concept, the marketing environment, marketing research, consumer behavior, business-to-business marketing, market segmentation, product strategy, channel strategy, promotional strategy, and pricing strategy. This course has a writing instruction that partially fulfills the writing requirement.

MGT 364 Sales/Advertising/Promotion
An introduction to professional salesmanship emphasizing its relationship to marketing concepts. Case studies and demonstrations are used throughout the course.