Thomas C. Johnson

Dr. Thomas C. Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Luther College. He teaches courses in Paideia, critical media studies, and media production, including:

  • PAID 111/112: Enduring Questions
  • INTS 130: Scholars Colloquium
  • COMS 239: Environmental Communication in Belize
  • COMS 239: Communication and Sport in New Zealand
  • COMS/PE 239: Communication and Adventure Recreation in New Zealand
  • COMS/PE 239: How Soccer Explains Europe: Coaching Methods and Critical Approaches
  • COMS 258: Concepts of Media Production
  • COMS 260: Sport, Media, and Society
  • COMS 320: Urban America and Serial Television: Critically Analyzing The Wire
  • COMS 335 / IDS 335: Masculinity in Film
  • COMS 347: Critical Television Studies
  • COMS 358: Concepts of Media Production II: The Documentary

Along with teaching, Dr. Johnson's research interests include pedagogy, sport media, television studies, gender studies, and documentary film