Individualized Study

Many Luther students take advantage of January term to engage in individualized study with a faculty member, to explore a topic or issue in depth. In some cases, professors propose a topic and supervise reading, discussion, and research with a small group of students. In other cases, students propose a topic and then find a professor to help them shape the exploration. Either way, directed study encourages students to get creative and to explore their passions, guided by experts in their fields.

Recent Examples

  • Reading Jonah
  • Conflict Resolution in Kashmir
  • The Power of Thoughts
  • Understanding Global Markets
  • Creativity in Marketing
  • The Effects of Globalization on Management in the 21st Century
  • The Evolution of Sports Marketing
  • Developing Nonprofit Arts Organizations
  • Digital Age Strategies: Keys to Successful Social Network Marketing
  • Music Talent Management and the Music Industry
  • How Creativity is Changing the World
  • Innovate or Die: Strategies for the Future of the NBA

Research Opportunities

Luther faculty are experts in their fields and engaged in exciting scholarly research—in fields as varied as astronomy and physics, biology, chemistry, anthropology, philosophy, musicology, dance, literature, political science, and history. Students have the opportunity to work with professors to gain hands-on experience in doing research. In January term, students can do this full-time, gaining valuable experience for graduate school or professional life.