January term is a great time to explore a career, and the Career Center is ready to help connect you with an internship experience

You can gain experience in your chosen field, or—if you're not sure what you want to do—you can test something out. You, your academic advisor, and the Career Center can work together to provide you the experience and the support you need to help you put your academic and professional goals together.

Past Internships


Haley Steffen

Internship Story Haley SteffenWhen: January 2017
Where: University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and Mercy Hospital, Iowa City, IA
Majors: Biology and Dance

Haley spent the month of January shadowing ten different doctors in the Family Medicine, NICU, Orthopedics, Trauma, Digestive Disease Clinic, Obstetrics, Gynecology in the Labor and Delivery Unit of the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, as well as at Mercy Hospital.  She learned how to assess patients and was taught the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) method for treating them. Haley’s favorite part of the month was helping deliver babies. These skills will help her throughout medical school and her residency. Since she is pre-med, this internship reinforced her passion for healthcare and helped her narrow her career path.

Logan Ardovino

Logan ArdovinoWhen: January 2017
Where: Park City High School, Park City, UT
Major: Psychology

In January, Logan Ardovino shadowed counselors at Park City High School in Park City, Utah. Her mentors taught her how to stay composed and level-headed under pressure, which was helpful when she gave juniors advice for finding the perfect college. Logan also met with students going through personal struggles, giving them suggestions whenever possible. She realized how important it is for students to learn to overcome any problem they encounter. If they can't, Logan wants to be someone to whom they can turn. Whether this means she will guide them through a rough time or just lend a comforting environment, helping others is valuable to her. While she isn't sure if she wants to be a school counselor in the future, Logan's experiences solidified her desire to work with children or young adults.

Jonah Gehrt

Jonah GehrtWhen: January 2017
Where: Olmsted Medical Center; Mayo Clinic; and Samaritan Bethany, Rochester, MN
Major: Neuroscience

Over January Term, Jonah Gehrt attended three internships in Rochester relating to his neuroscience major. He assisted physical therapists in treating patients at Samaritan Bethany. His time at Olmsted Medical Center included shadowing physicians and asking procedural questions. At Mayo Clinic, he got to work in a laboratory setting, sit in on lectures, and help create cell cultures. In each internship, Jonah applied material he learned from his courses to a more professional setting. He also experienced the work ethic required to succeed in his field of study.

The relationships he formed with patients at Samaritan Bethany were especially rewarding to him. They inspired him with their conversations. He loved forming relationships with people that went beyond everyday small talk. By talking with others, Jonah learned a lot about himself. He is excited to have similar opportunities to do so as he continues pursuing neuroscience.

Emma Schlabach

Emma Schlabach '19 and supervisor Kara Maloney '16 at Lanesboro Arts.When: January 2017
Where: Lanesboro Arts in Lanesboro, MN
Major: English

In January, Emma worked as an administrative intern at Lanesboro Arts. During her internship she reorganized the office filing system, helped maintain the website, wrote press releases, scheduled posts on social media, aided in grant writing, and helped install the Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit. One of her projects was writing content for the website on the history of the organization. This involved interviewing staff as well as reading through old newspaper articles. An important skill Emma learned through this process was how to communicate in a variety of mediums, with an emphasis on clarity. Another rewarding part of her internship was working with so many great people, particularly alumna Kara Maloney ’16. Kara was Emma’s supervisor for this internship, and served as a supportive mentor. Lanesboro is a small, tight-knit community, so Emma was able to make many other wonderful connections. This experience shaped her post-graduation ambitions.

Sukeji Mikaya

Sukeji Mikaya spent her J-Term at PLEN learning about public policy and where she wants her career to take her.When: January 2016
Where: Public Leadership Education Network, Washington D.C.
Major: International Studies

There is no single path to success; having a wide variety of experiences is best. This is what Sukeji took away from her internship at the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) during January Term. This nonprofit organization was an opportunity for exercising leadership in areas of public policy. Sukeji attended several sessions where women from various agencies and organizations shared their experiences. From these speakers, she learned that communication is essential. This is true for negotiating in professional settings and illustrating experiences in ways that make her stand out. Sukeji's time at the National Women's Law Center was eye-opening as well. She discovered connections between health care, reproductive rights, and minimum wage. This spurred her to consider a career in health care policies and law. Networking with other people also gave Sukeji the opportunity to find people with similar interests. For her, that topic is public health. She finds herself talking more about this issue since her time at PLEN. As a result of her experiences, Sukeji is now more open and eager to what her future will bring.

Ben Harrison

Ben interned at an ESPN sports radio studio over January.When: January 2016
ESPN 102.5 The Game, Nashville, TN
Communication Studies with a Journalism minor

Ben interned at "The Game," an ESPN sports radio studio over January. His role was to record and edit sound clips, screen phone calls, handle promotions, and file information. Since his internship was in a live media setting, Ben learned how to perform in a high stress environment. He was able to help out with tasks related to the NHL All-Star game which was the most rewarding part of his internship. He liked being a part of a big event and helping with the coverage. This was Ben's first time in the professional field of communications, and it reaffirmed that sports radio is the career for him.

Kyla Grau

Kyla Grau poses at the Eiffel TowerWhen: January 2016
Where: Le Grand Théâtre de Tours, Tours, France
Majors: Music and French

Kyla spent the month of January at Le Grand Théâtre de Tours, an opera house in France: the perfect setting for a music and French major. During this time, she was able to work with stage managers, technicians, and performers. Since she collaborated with so many people, Kyla found that communication skills were very important. She was surprised by how comfortable she became with French after hearing and speaking it all day. By the end of the internship, she felt confident in the language and was able to take the initiative necessary to be a successful employee. The most rewarding part of working at an opera house was opening night, when Kyla was given the best seat in the house and finally got to see her hard work and passions for French and music come to life.

Fanding Wang

Fanding working at Ashland and PartnersWhen: January 2016
Where: Ashland Partners & Company, Chicago, IL
Major: Accounting and Mathematics/Statistics

Fanding was an audit, tax and GIPS intern at Ashland Partners & Company. He learned how to audit, work on taxes, analyze finances, and use the software systems, Lacerte and Microsoft Office Suite. Another part of the job was to learn proper telephone manners which improved his communication skills. A rewarding part of this experience was the ability to connect what he learned at Luther to the real world. Fanding also believes this internship gave him confidence to ask questions and speak his mind in a work space. He is very grateful for the opportunity to gain experience working in the United States.

Evan Seegmiller

Internship Story.When: January 2016
Evergreen Bank Group, Chicago, IL

Evan interned for the Evergreen Bank Group in Chicago, IL. The CFO directly assigned him projects that allowed him to work with employees from different areas of the bank. He learned how to manage his time as well as communicate with coworkers. Evan enjoyed the experience of working in a city as large as Chicago and enjoyed getting to know his coworkers, who became his good friends. During his time, he learned the importance of connections and having a team that works well together. Evan also realized this is the type of work environment he wants to be involved with in the future.

Ashley Veeser

Ashley VeeserWhen: January 2016
Where: B.A.B.E.S. Inc, Appleton, WI
Major: Social Work

Ashley was a Parent Coordinator for B.A.B.E.S. Inc., a child abuse prevention program. She managed family caseloads, conducted new parent orientation meetings, and informed parents about what was going on at B.A.B.E.S. She also performed intake and discharge for respite care participants, held meetings with parents to enroll them in different programs that the organization offers, and much more. The internship reinforced skills she has learned in the classroom and gave her the chance to apply those skills to a real life scenario. The most rewarding part was interacting with families who were truly in need of assistance. Ashley has gained a lot more confidence when working professionally with others and is excited about her future in social work.

Marilyn Garcés

Marilyn Garcés poses at Handicap International in Silver Springs, MD, where she interned during January Term.When: January 2016
Where: Handicap International, Silver Spring, MD
Major: Economics

During her internship at Handicap International, Marilyn focused on three main projects. In her first project, she created an email analysis report. She used analytics to determine what types of approaches helped raise the most donations. This project built on her economics skills, giving her the opportunity to apply course knowledge. Marilyn also handled messages sent from donors and supports of an Ebola emergency relief project in Sierra Leone. She was able to use her knowledge of several languages to translate messages sent from all over the world. The third project consisted of sending thank you letters to donors. Marilyn found this to be a vital aspect of communication with them. Donors continue supporting a cause when kept involved and up to date, and this is what she helped achieve. Through her experiences, Marilyn also learned a lot about the structure of non-governmental organizations. In the future, she wants to work to help reduce extreme poverty in developing countries. This plan includes working in a non-governmental organization that focuses on poverty reduction. She then hopes to attend graduate school and return home to Ecuador to work in the Ministry of Economic Development.

Connor Fleming

Connor FlemingWhen: January 2016
Freeport Police Department, Freeport, IL
Major: Psychology

Connor spent J-Term at the Freeport Police Department learning about the daily lives and duties of police officers. He participated in ride-alongs during both day and night shifts. He also worked with the detectives and drug task force team pursuing individuals using and distributing narcotics, a process that fascinated Connor. During his internship, Connor learned how patience and respect help facilitate positive interactions with the public which improved his communication skills. He also has a better appreciation for the hard work and determination it takes to build cases used in court. Connor felt rewarded by helping people in need and it meant a lot when people appreciated his help. Because of his internship, Connor gained insight into the world of abnormal psychology and saw how much work it takes to be a police officer. Connor feels more confident in his understanding of how a police department operates and will use this in his career search.

Rozlyn Paradis

Internship photo for Rozlyn Paradis.When: January 2016
Where: Vine and Branches, Richfield, MN
Major: International Studies

During January, Rozlyn interned at a non-profit thrift store/clothing center called Vine and Branches, where families and individuals can be referred to from social workers, chemical dependency programs, the court system, and other locations, for a one-time appointment. There, each family member receives three outfits - one of them an outfit for interviewing. Daily, Rozlyn would sort donations, price items, arrange the store, input data into the computer system, and work one-on-one with the families and individuals. While doing so, Rozlyn learned how to run a non-profit organization by shadowing Heidi Johnson, manager of the organization. Through this internship, Rozlyn was able to break through language barriers when working with families that were refugees from Nepal, all while solidifying her plan to work in an international non-profit organization. Rozlyn learned that her voice matters even in environments that are brand new.

Belal Krayem

Belal Krayem When: January 2016
Where: DECO Products, Decorah, IA
Majors: Accounting and Data Science

In January, Belal interned at DECO Products, a company that specializes in zinc die casting. As a data analyst, he gathered sales department data from previous years and filtered, organized, and visualized the data sets using Excel and other programs. He was exposed to different working environments by touring the plant and the manufacturing area to understand the data better. Belal improved his multitasking and interpersonal communication skills by working on many different projects. In addition to the unlimited access to free coffee, he enjoyed getting off campus and getting a taste of the real world. He found that interpreting big data into graphs and simple terms for managers is incredibly important. Because of this, he is extremely excited about the high demand of his newly-added Data Science major. Belal believes he personally grew through this experience and feels more prepared for life after graduation.

Abigail Suhr

Abigail with the students of Yaro Dance CompanyWhen: January 2016
Where: Yaro Dance Company, Urbandale, Iowa
Major: Dance with a Psychology minor

Abigail interned with a Yaro dance company, a professional dance company in Urbandale, Iowa. She wanted to learn how a company produces their shows and was glad that one of her duties involved attending board meetings. In these meetings, she learned about choosing dates, venues, and marketing techniques for a season of dance. She also assisted in dance rehearsal. That allowed her to compare Luther’s Movement Fundamentals courses to ballet. Other duties she had included costume upkeep, poster distribution, and being a stagehand during performance. The most rewarding part of her internship was when she saw her name in a program and knew she had done her part to earn it. Abigail’s internship taught her that she wants to be more confident in sharing her ideas because dance is a collaborative art form.