On-Campus Studies

January term is a great time to explore new things in courses on-campus as well. You can take a course in your major, check out that area you've always wanted to try (like acting, teaching, or philosophy), or test the waters in a field outside your comfort zone. There are courses in every department, designed to take advantage of the freedom of J-term for more engaged learning.

Experiential Learning

In addition, some January term courses are based in experiential learning that emphasize engagement with the community, individualized projects, service-learning, or creative projects. Faculty have designed a variety of these "hybrid" courses, combining the traditional classroom setting with experiential learning.

Lives that Matter: Vocation, Self, and Service: an exploration of vocation that includes engagement with social service agencies in the Twin Cities; designed to help students connect their own gifts, talents, and vocation with the needs of the world.

Visual Sociology: What does the visual world tell us about our society? What meaning and importance do we attach to the visual? What can we learn about human behavior by examining visual culture? Students explore a particular angle (and use a camera!) to collect their own data, analyze it, and report their findings.

E-marketing: Students examine how the internet and other information technologies have influenced business practices, with a week in Chicago networking with marketing professionals from a variety of industries and organizations.

Music in the Shape of a Pear: Both an ensemble and a research lab, this course offers opportunity to explore contemporary classical (cutting-edge) music through rehearsal, performance, research and creative work.