First-Year Seminars

First-year seminars are designed to engage students in exploring an intriguing topic or question in depth, and get excited about college-level learning. They provide experience in learning across disciplines, collaborating with peers, and communicating what you're thinking and what you've discovered.

Some recent examples:

  • Born to Run (Anthropology)
  • Cancer: Causes and Treatments (Biology)
  • Whose Song is it Anyway? (Music)
  • Exploring your Social Network (Communication Studies)
  • The Natural History of Food (Biology)
  • Religion, Ethics, and Animal Welfare (Religion)
  • Exploring Alternative Medicine (Health)
  • Tweets, Leaks, and Hacks: Governance in the Digital Age (Political Science)
  • Kaboom! Explosions in Science (Chemistry)
  • What Tolkien Read (English)
  • Global Climate Change: Science and Society (Environmental Studies)
  • Life Inside: Sociology of Prisons (Sociology)
  • "Free at Last:" Global Anti-Apartheid Movements (Africana Studies/History)
  • Big Questions (Philosophy)

Course Highlights

On Grammar "Cops" and "Criminals"

Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia

Learn more about "On Grammar 'Cops' and 'Criminals'", a J-Term course that explores how people attempt to protect, preserve, and control the English language