Technology Considerations - Social Distancing & Remote Work-at-Home

As we enter this period of greater social distancing while at work, and more remote work-at-home, these are some of the items that will help to maintain your connectivity with college online resources and your co-workers.

Information security

As you begin to use more online college services through either your home internet connection or cell phone hotspot, you should ensure that you are using complex passwords (ie at least 8 characters, composed of a combination of alphabetic [upper AND lower case], numerals and a special character, where allowed [$,%,&, etc]). Avoid public Wi-Fi.

College-provided devices have access to some combination of federally protected FERPA, HIPPA or PII (personally identifiable information) data and may not be used by other members of your household.

If you must use your personally-owned computer to access any college services, please close college applications if anyone else uses your computer. Do not save any Luther-related files to your personally-owned computer. Take measures to ensure that you log out of college services when you are finished with those tasks. Please verify that your antivirus software is being updated on a regular basis.

Many spammers are using this time of confusion and uncertainty to send out phishing emails in an attempt to take advantage of recipients. Please remain vigilant! If you have not already done so, take this opportunity to complete the Information Security training you have been assigned through the EVERFI system.

Be mindful of any confidential information that you need to bring with you or access while working remotely. Keep hard copies of all confidential information secure when not in use.


As alternatives to in-person meetings and classes, Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom are your go-to options for virtual meetings and classes.

Remote computer access to college resources

A number of services (like shared network drives or Colleague) are only available on campus, but there are two ways of using these services. If you are using a Luther-owned computer, use Virtual Internet Access (VIA) VPN. If you are using your personally-owned computer, you will need to make connections to these campus tools through Citrix. For information on activating these options, visit:

If the Luther-owned computer you are using is a desktop and it becomes necessary for you to work from home, please email Diane Gossman ([email protected]) to discuss your options.

Remote phone services

For information on call forwarding, recording greetings, and checking messages, visit

You could also request the ability to have voicemail messages forwarded to your email through a service called desktop messaging, visit

Internet services

The ability to connect remotely to campus services will depend on your level of access either through an Internet service provider or the ability of your cell phone to act as a “hotspot”. The quality of these services is often dependent on what is available in your location. Since each cell phone is different, you should consult your cell phone provider if you plan to use it as a hotspot.

Please keep in mind, as more families and workers are connecting remotely there is a possibility these services may become congested in your service area. You may need to contact your service provider to see if they are able to improve the connectivity to your location.

If you have challenges with internet access or cell phone reception at your home, please complete this questionnaire.


If you have need to print from home, contact the Technology Help Desk to discuss options.

Technology Help Desk & Digital Media Center

Technology Help Desk and the Digital Media Center support is available using the following options:

Call: 563-387-1000
[email protected]
Enter your request online at
Hours of operation

Please Note:  We cannot install Luther-owned software on personally-owned devices. Luther, though, does have licenses that allow employees to use Microsoft Office 365 and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite on their personal-owned devices. If you are interested in either of these suites, let us know.

Additional information

For additional information being provided to faculty that also pertains to staff (particularly the FAQ), you’re welcome to peruse the following web page: Moving Your Courses Online Rapidly.