ITS Weekly - 12 May 2017

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Headline of the Week:  Thank You! and Farewell to ITS Headlines (For Now)

We complete another academic year of classes today. There is a reading day tomorrow and next week come finals. I want to thank the entire ITS team for all their good and extraordinary work during this academic year. We established very demanding objectives and plans going into the year and we found a way to add a whole bucket of ideas and address a number of new requirements that emerged as the year unfolded. Thank you for your persistence, resilience and flexibility on the path to your many achievements.

Looking forward, as one of many contributions to our operational efficiency, I will be doing more teaching next fall. Teaching is a wonderful way to work with more students directly. In addition to teaching 4 sections of CS140 (Data Modeling and Querying) next year, next fall I will also teach DS120 (Introduction to Data Science). If that goes well I may get to do it again! I’ve begun initial preparation and will focus on that this summer.  

As a prudent prioritization I will stop writing the (near) weekly ITS Headline. We will continue to publish ITS Weekly to share our ITS Council notes, events and blogs posts (nearly) each week. My first headline was published March 2, 2012, the day after I joined Luther College full time. Since then it has been a (near) weekly commitment for more than 5 years. It seemed an important thing to do - sharing news and updates, insights and encouragement, and to generally share with the community headlights into information technology and associated change that might in some way impact our mission or how we deliver on our mission or impact any of our students, alumni/friends, faculty or staff. It has forced a discipline that will be applied to more teaching in the Computer Science department in the fall. Thanks to all of those who provided feedback and encouragement and engaged in conversation as a result of one Headline or another.

With this last headline (for now) let me thank again, all of the ITS team members for your contributions this year.  We have another rich slate of objectives that are emerging from conversations that will be captured when we publish our annual report. With the ongoing consumerization of technology where anyone with a good idea and a credit card or a budget line can acquire a new solution I know we will discover all sorts of innovative thinking across campus and be invited to help make good enterprise level choices and integrate the new pieces with all the appropriate existing pieces of technology.

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