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Headline of the Week: Educational Equality and Excellence Will Drive a Stronger Economy - Part of a Good Solution

Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education from 2009-2015 authored an informative article called “Educational equality and excellence will drive a stronger economy”. He makes two important points that impact our mission. First, access to world-class education resources and technology is more important than ever and will play an essential (PRM: not exclusive) role in bringing together a nation that has demonstrated, in the recent election, the degree to which it is divided. The second is “By 2020, demand for skilled technologists will exceed the number of qualified applicants by 1 million, leaving our country vulnerable in key areas such as technological innovation, economic development, and cybersecurity. Our inability to resolve the digital skills shortage is bleeding the U.S. economy of approximately $1 trillion annually.”

I very much want a contingent with the folks that step up these important and significant roles to have experienced a balanced and rich liberal arts education. That experience augments technical education and provides hope for contributions that will work to further close the gaps that divide our nation.

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Educational equality and excellence will drive a stronger economy by Arne Duncan, Brookings Institute

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