Notes from LIS Council - 6/11/14

  • New Items
    • Internet2 Webinar
      • CLIR (Council on Library and Information Resources) is arranging webinars on Internet2 membership and NET+ offerings. Adam provided a brief overview of Internet2. We discussed potential value of attending one of the webinars and joining the project.
    • Finalizing 2013/2014 Budgets
      • LIS budget managers are to prepare input by the end of the week to offset any budget lines with negative balance with those that have positive values and leave any remaining monies in the current accounts. We have planned that $55K in operational budget savings will be added to the library plant fund and those funds will be used for the Room 120 construction in the lower level of the library this summer.
    • Volunteer to Contribute to Network and Systems Team
      • Tim Block has volunteered to work on our network and systems team one day per week. Adam will provide work direction. Tim has been a Luther student parent and wants to contribute. He has a background in security, networking and high availability as a hardware and firmware product engineer. He wants to experience working on the application side. Adam has identified a couple projects that would “fit” this arrangement.
  • Returning Items
    • Feedback on Mattson-Tacke Quarterly Interlock
      • Paul shared discussion and outcomes from conversation with Diane T. including staffing, wireless networking projects, library furniture, lab printing, classroom technology, document imaging and equipment for the mail room.
    • AD Password Project Update
      • Work in progress. We discussed that the project would benefit from additional PHP/web programming skills. Marcia will arrange.
    • Update on Tape Backup and Verification Project
      • Katie backup has been verified good! Reason backup ready for Steve to review. SQL database is next. Marcia to lead creation of an operational management report for all our systems that tracks our verification process progress and over time status.
    • Katie Support
      • Planning meeting scheduled 6/16 at 8am.
    • ALI
      • Archives Leadership Institute (ALI) is scheduled for 6/15-6/21.
    • LIS Website - Responsive Design
      • Ryan shared mock-up of the library search box and conversation about the upcoming responsive design rollout.
  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network & Systems
      • Fewer wireless connections in use now during the summer than during the spring semester; running around 1200 now.
      • Adam also shared total Metronet Internet bandwidth graphs from 6/10-6/11 and Internet bandwidth graphs.
      • Updates on Towers wireless, President’s House wireless, CFL wiring, and Olson wiring were provided.
    • User Services
      • Diane shared the numbers and types of workstation purchases made now that we’re in the new fiscal year. In addition, she described the plans for these workstations.
      • We reviewed the User Services projects in progress as identified in the last team meeting notes and the current status of each project.
      • She also shared the documentation projects related to User Services that are in progress this summer.

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