ITS server room maintenance tonight.

ITS has planned equipment moves in the server room tonight that will require several servers to be shut down for a brief period while they are moved to a new location in the room.

5:00PM Please exit Colleague, my.luther, and Norse Hub prior to 5 p.m today. We expect the server moves to be complete by 6:30, but it will likely be sooner than that. ITS will send a message to Colleague users when Colleague, my.luther, and Norse Hub services are available again.

10:00PM, the server servicing trouble tickets for ITS and Web Content will be moved at 10:00PM. The website should be functional again by 10:30PM.

Midnight The file servers and will be shutdown and moved at this time. Please close all files on network drives prior to this time. We expect the file servers to be back online by 1AM. We appreciate your cooperation.