LCWireless5G Wireless Network Retired

Starting this morning, the LCWireless5G wireless network has been retired. Faculty, Staff, and Students should use LCSecure on those devices that support connecting to it (most computers, tablets, and smart phones for example). The LCWireless network is intended for use by other devices such as game consoles, or media streaming devices that don't support connecting to LCSecure.  The LCGuest network is intended for use by visitors and not Luther Faculty, Staff or Students.

 LCWireless5G was created several years ago to give users a way to force their devices to connect to our wireless network using the 5Ghz frequency rather than the 2.4Ghz frequency. This was necessary because some devices that support 5Ghz connections would choose to connect on the 2.4Ghz frequency instead. A number of factors have changed since then making this a much less frequent occurrence. We believe it's now best to allow devices to choose which frequency is best in any particular situation. LCSecure, LCWireless or LCGuest all support both 5Ghz connections and 2.4Ghz connections and connecting to any of these networks will allow your device to choose which frequency is best.