User Services Meeting 4/2/18

Present: Matt, Jesse, Dave, Chris, Cara, Matt, Larry, Dennis, Diane, Muaz

Spring Break Updates - The following projects were completed over spring break: Book Shop computer refreshes, Network Sentry upgrade, and Miller floors 1-4 wireless network upgrade. In addition, the project to move from Sage to CoCalc was completed with the Sage server being shut down April 2. Last week, Olin 102 was converted from an analog to a digital classroom; most noticeable among the changes are the two brand new projectors and the new touch screen control system. Valders 206 also has two large projectors thanks to work completed last week. Spring network share cleanup messages were sent with responses due the end of the month.

Image Management Agreement Update - Printer installations continue this month as part of the new Image Management Agreement. Two weeks of installs have been completed with four more weeks remaining.

SHL Printer for Students - We discussed the request by chemistry for a printer for students installed in SHL 390 study lounge.

Work Study Self-Assessment - We confirmed that supervisors on our team received the message from student employment regarding the request to share the assessment tool with their student workers.

Student Employment Appreciation Week - ITS will be hosting a lunch for ITS student workers and staff on Thursday, April 12. Details are being discussed.

Summer Student Workers - We reviewed progress on finding student workers for this summer.

Kbox Ticket Categories - Ticket categories will be changing for workstation support as well as accounts and access. Conversations have been held with those impacted.

ITS General - The next ITS General is Tuesday, April 3. The agenda is a work in progress.

Sophos InterceptX 2.0 - This new version is currently being piloted in ITS and OFS. Additional departments will be included in the pilot before this becomes available campus-wide.