Notes from ITS Council - 3/16/18

  • New Items
    • Key Audits
      • Per Kevin Ellingson, a Main building key audit is starting the week of March 12. A master key audit will occur within the month or so.
    • Scheduled Network Sentry Upgrade
      • Adam Forsyth is planning an upgrade to Network Sentry on 3/30, Good Friday morning. This will move us a level with a number of fixes/improvements and position us for upgrading the Aruba wireless controllers this summer.
      • Bradford Networks will start the upgrade at 7:00AM our time. Adam will be here to test that it works when they’re done. Expected completion by 8:00AM
      • LCWireless, LCSecure, and LCWireless5G will be down. LCGuest will not be affected. Offices and rooms with hospitality AP’s will also have their wired network connections go down during the upgrade.
      • We discussed testing plans/options, communication plans and messaging.
    • CLAC Conference in Sewanee Tennessee, June 19-21
      • Diane Gossman is planning to attend and will be the Luther College voting member.
    • Spring Cleanup of Network Shares
      • We discussed schedules, expectations and communications. Plan email Mon, Apr 2 with deadline Mon, Apr 30.
    • Spirion Sensitive Data Manager Renewal
      • We discussed upcoming renewal.
    • Software Request
      • Faculty requested a new software for use in Accounting. Diane Gossman will research the request, run the IT Acquisition Process. Outlook is to leverage this software for use Fall 2018
  • Returning Items
    • IAICU Survey
      • We reviewed and updated the survey. Paul Mattson will send the data in later this month. It is due on March 30th
    • IAICU Technical Workshop May 23-24 at Central College.
      • Adam Forsyth, Marcia Gullickson, and Jacob Secor are registered at this point. There is a CIO Workshop planned and we discussed how we might participate.
  • ITS Operational Reports
    • Network & Systems
      • New Access points for towers have arrived. One has been installed as an initial test to mitigate the possibility of unexpected surprises during installation. Dennis Blake expects to install AP’s on Miller floors 1-4 over Spring Break.
      • Chris Stuckman and Adam Forsyth had a conference call 3/15/18 to learn more about Azure Multi-factor Authentication as a possible way to add Multi-factor authentication to ADFS. Having learned some about it, the next step is finding out what pricing for it looks like.
      • Dave Huinker is experimenting with server patching software from Ivanti.
    • User Services
      • All of the printers and some of the copiers related to the Image Management Agreement have arrived. Photos of the new printers were shared. The rollout of the new devices begins Monday, March 19. Those receiving new devices the first week have been contacted. 42 printers, 12 copiers planned for today. 8 to come (4 planned next Friday, 4 no ETA)
      • Most of the old printers and copiers that have been stored for several years were picked up by Ricoh after the new printers were delivered. Photos of the process of double checking inventory and packaging up the equipment for removal were shared.
      • We are preparing Luther-related technology equipment for recycling. Photos of the equipment were shared.
      • Giving Day was held Thursday, March 8, and included a 12 hour live stream. Photos of the event were shared.
      • Olin 102 will be converted from an analog to a digital classroom over spring break
      • Through the end of the spring semester, Luther is piloting the campus-wide product called LyndaCampus.  Faculty, staff, and students may visit and sign in with their Norse Key. Training sessions are offered on Thursday, March 22, in Hovde Room -- from 2:00-2:30 " - An Introduction," and from 2:45-3:15 " - For Instructors."  Attend one or both sessions. Details at
      • Initial conversations have been held with departments involved in the Summer 2018 Faculty Computer Refresh. Sessions for all faculty involved will be held in late April.

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