Image Management Agreement with Ricoh

Luther faculty and staff,

In an effort to seek College-wide cost savings and improve efficiencies, Luther is collaborating with Ricoh to change the way that we provide and maintain our printers and copiers. We are moving to an 'Image Management Agreement'. This means that Ricoh will manage, assign and service all print devices across campus and Luther will continue to pay Ricoh on a per-click basis. 

In addition to reducing overall costs to the College, this change will lead to service that is more consistent and will allow Ricoh to more efficiently manage the inventory of copiers and printers. Ricoh will lead the research on new machines and available options and will use utilization data to inform decisions. This will save Luther employees time and will also eliminate the need for individual departments to purchase or lease their equipment. 

Over the last five years, the costs of operating the mail room and document center, as well maintaining the current inventory of printers and copiers, have increased. However, the per-click charge back rate has not been correspondingly increased during this time. Based on the savings associated with the new Image Management Agreement, we are able to hold the increase to the click-rate to 1/2 cent for black and white, with no increase for color.

Given that this change will affect individual departments differently, we will soon be communicating directly with those that are affected by this change. We will keep you up to date with other developments through Dean's Notes, the Tuesday, and staff meetings.

Questions regarding budgetary implications may be directed to Amy Wrightsman ([email protected], x1532). Contact Diane Gossman ([email protected], x1408) with any other questions.

Eric Runestad, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Paul Mattson, Executive Director of ITS