User Services Meeting 1/29/18

Present: Cara, Chris, Dave, Bob, Holly, Matt, Larry, Eddy, Jack, Diane, Jesse, Erin, Muaz

Project Updates - Each member of the team shared a few projects on which they are currently working.

Classroom/Lab Updates - Technology in Valders 206 was upgraded last week. The computers in Main 114 and the lower floor library lab have been upgraded. Main 113 computers and the main floor lab computers will also be upgraded.

KACE Kbox Upgrades - Both of our kbox appliances have been upgraded recently. The interfaces have a new look and feel and additional features that will be implemented over time. A demo of the changes was provided.

Quest KACE Questions - Our representative from KACE will be on campus this week. Questions/topics are being collected in preparation for that conversation.

Budget - Those with additional budget requests for the 2017-2018 fiscal year are to contact Diane. Pilot - Luther's subscription ends this spring and our current licensing model will no longer be available. We are considering a pilot this spring semester of the full LyndaCampus which would provide access to all faculty, staff, and students. The pilot would be to help inform the feasibility of purchasing the campus-wide subscription.

Printing as a Service - Conversations regarding printing as a service continue.

Tip of the Month - The February ITS Tip of the Month will be "Separating Luther Work from Personal Life". A draft of the presentation was shared.