User Services Meeting 1/15/18

Present: Cara, Holly, Diane, Larry, Dave, Bob, Jesse, Matt, Matt,  Eddy, Jack, Ryan

Staff Computer Refreshes - We are currently refreshing computers for Athletics, TRIO, and the Diversity Center. Conversations have been scheduled with College Ministries and Student Life. In addition, the President's Office and the Book Shop are also being refreshed this spring.

Scanning Client Installs - The all-campus message regarding workstation scanning for PII was sent to staff last week. We are beginning to install the client software on staff workstations. For more information, see

Event Support - In order to better support events in the Jenson-Noble Recital Hall (NRH), a projector is now available for checkout from the Music Office. In addition, to better support Admissions events both in the NRH and elsewhere on campus, an events laptop will be provided to Admissions.

Recent Classroom Upgrades - Several projector upgrades occurred over the break resulting in all projectors in Olin now are Viviteks, nearly all projectors on campus are Viviteks, and of the few non-Viviteks that remain most will be upgraded this spring. New carpet was installed in CFA 217 meaning all electronics were moved out and then back in. New lighting will be installed in Valders 367 and 369 meaning screens and projectors will need to be uninstalled and reinstalled in new locations. In addition, new control wiring was installed in CFA 215 and CFA 217. Koren 217 now has new large projector. In Olin 214, the Center for Ethics and Public Engagement, a Skype setup was installed. Also, podium cabling was updated in spaces as appropriate.

Multimedia Workshops - Multimedia will be providing workshops this spring on the following topics: Classroom Video Recording, DMC Studio Video Recording/Editing, and DMC Audio Recording/Editing. Stay tuned for more information.

PaperCut Reporting - PaperCut reports for the last academic year (2016-2017) are now finished. Highlights were shared. They will be posted on the website soon.