KATIE Upgrade Complete - 1/3/2018

Update: KATIE is now available. This scheduled upgrade is complete.

Some things you will notice:

  • New dashboard with Course Overview block that separates your courses into Past, In progress, and Future tabs.
  • Quicksets block has been removed.
  • Timeline tab in the Course Overview block on the dashboard.

For any questions regarding the upgrade or these new features, please contact the KATIE Support Team by calling x1000, emailing [email protected], or creating your own ticket at help.luther.edu.

KATIE will be unavailable from 12:00 PM to approximately 5:00 PM this afternoon. We will provide an update on this post when KATIE is available.

This upgrade will reintroduce the popular document converter that allows instructors to view and annotate assignments within KATIE.

There will also be a new Course Overview block on the main page with separate tabs for current, future, and past courses. This will improve navigation and help instructors and students find their courses.

There are no other major changes or new features with this upgrade.

The KATIE Support Team is available to help with any questions, comments, concerns you may have or assistance you may need. Contact us at [email protected] or x1000.