User Services Meeting - 12/4/17

Present: Holly, Chris, Bob, Dave, Matt, Matt, Diane, Ryan, Eddy, Muaz, Larry, Erin, Jesse, Jack

User Services Meetings - The structure of the meetings will change, beginning today, to have 45-50 minutes of topics discussed together as a full group. The remaining 10-15 minutes will be used for members of the team to connect with other members of the team, individually or in small groups.

Classroom Upgrade Proposal - The current plan is to completely upgrade Valders 206, Olin 102, and the Loyalty Board Room to digital classrooms this January prior to the start of the Spring 2018 semester. Details of the upgrades were shared with the team.

Multimedia eRide - It has been determined that the Multimedia team no longer has need for the eRide. Conversation was held to ensure there were no other needs on the team for the vehicle. We'll discuss options with Facilities.

Alumni Email Accounts - Alumni were contacted last December regarding the need to set up 2-Step Verification on their Luther email account in order to retain access to their account. At the end of the calendar year, the alumni accounts that are no longer used will be deleted. We also discussed that there are feature/function advantages to alums to have personal accounts outside of the "apps for education" and there is improvement to risk posture for alums and Luther College. We are working on a plan to migrate alumni to personal accounts.

Christmas Gatherings - The upcoming Christmas gatherings were mentioned, along with the fact that an RSVP is requested for the Faculty/Staff gathering.

Legends Center TVs - The TVs in the Legends Center are old and no longer functioning well. Conversations are in progress to replace the 4 TVs with new TVs.