User Services Meeting - 11/20/17

Present: Holly, Chris, Bob, Matt, Matt, Cara, Larry, Dave, Dennis, Jack, Diane, Eddy, Ryan, Jesse, Erin, Muaz

Campus Closing Early - Reminder of the notice, "We are pleased to announce that offices can close early and staff are permitted to leave work at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 22."

Staff Computer Refreshes - An update on the status of the 2016-2017 staff computer refresh was provided. Those refreshed this year are listed at Staff Computer Refresh. In addition, Financial Services is refreshing early due to the Perceptive Content document imaging project. Feedback is that staff like their supercharged computers.

Faculty Mid-Year Check-ins - Emails are being sent to faculty departments that are scheduled to be upgraded Summer 2019, asking for feedback as they are halfway between their computer refreshes. A new question this year is in regard to VHS tape usage. The departments contacted include: Africana Studies, Communication Studies, Economics, Accounting, and Management, Education, History, Library, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology / Anthropology / Social Work.

ITS Emergency Response Plan - Updates to the ITS plan are requested by Friday, December 1. If an individual is listed as a primary contact, they don’t also need to be listed as a functional contact (one implies the other).

Keyserver Lab/Computer Classroom Availability Demo - A demo was provided of the newly created online service Computer Lab and Classroom Availability. Clicking on a location provides a map of the space along with the computers in the space, whether they are Windows or Mac computers, and which are available for use. Whether or not the space is open is also provided.

Magic Wand Exercise - If you had a magic wand, what changes would you make in (or related to) User Services and/or ITS? That was the question asked of the team, and each answered it individually followed by a group discussion.  This exercise is a way to step away from the daily routine and consider areas in which change is desired and then determine which are important and should be pursued. Additional conversation will be held with team members.