Administrator Rights on Faculty Workstations

Starting Wednesday, November 15th, administrator rights will be separated from workstation logins for faculty.  Staff administrator rights were removed earlier this year.

While daily work will not be affected by this change, the ability to install software and make system-wide settings changes will be limited. In order to temporarily elevate rights to an administrator level to install software or make system changes, there is a self service tool available via The self service instructions provide step-by-step instructions or you may contact the Technology Help Desk.

Currently, faculty are administrators on their Luther workstations. This means faculty may install programs on their workstations, whether knowingly or unknowingly. In order to reduce problems that have been occurring from the installation of programs that should not have been installed, administrator rights will be separated from workstation logins. This will have the added benefit of workstations lasting longer and running more reliably.

In addition, separation of administrator rights from workstation logins will greatly increase Luther’s IT security posture.  A study released this year by the IT security firm Avecto demonstrated that 94% of critical vulnerabilities affecting Windows in 2016 could have been prevented by separating administrative rights (

If you have questions, comments or concerns contact the Technology Help Desk by calling x1000 or emailing [email protected]