KATIE New Feature Unavailable

The feature that allows instructors to convert assignment files to PDFs and annotate them within the KATIE grading interface is intermittently malfunctioning. 

On the advice of our KATIE hosting service, we will be turning it off on Tuesday, 10/17. This feature will return with our next upgrade, which we are considering for Winter break. For the time being, we recommend reverting to the old method of grading, which you can access by clicking "View all submissions" instead of the "Grade" button to download the original files to grade.

**Please note :: At the bottom of the page, under “Options”, ensure that “Quick grading” is checked to enter grades easily on that page.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the KATIE Support Team by calling the Technology Help Desk at x1000, or create a ticket at help.luther.edu.