User Services Meeting - 10/2/17

Kbox Widget Library - With the recent kbox upgrade, there are new widgets that kbox technicians (primarily ITS and Library staff members) may find useful. To see them, login to kbox, click “Customize” in the top right corner of the Dashboard, and scroll through the list of options. There are many new widgets related to the Service Desk module.

Homecoming - Homecoming weekend is almost upon us. The Technology Help Desk will be involved with support for the Alumni/Development office on Friday in the Union. Our Multimedia team will be handling numerous setups throughout the weekend. The schedule of events is at

Admin Rights - We are resuming the pilot to separate administrator rights from workstation logins for faculty. Departments heads for the pilot departments were emailed and conversations have been happening with faculty. The schedule for implementation is as follows:

  • E&B - Feb 7 (DONE)
  • HPE/Athletics - Apr 6 (DONE)
  • VPA - Sep 28 (DONE)
  • Biology/Chemistry - Oct 5
  • Psychology/Physics - Oct 12
  • Koren (SASW/History/PolSci) - Oct 26
  • Education/CompSci/Comm Studies - Nov 2
  • Remaining faculty - Nov 15

Upcoming ACM Visit - Ed Finn, Liaison for Innovation and Collaboration in Teaching and Learning, will be on campus Thursday, October 5.