User Services Meeting - 9/18/17

Present: Bob, Holly, Cara, Matt, Matt, Ryan, Dennis, Larry, Jack, Eddy, Diane, Erin, Muaz, Jesse

Digital Signage - There are additional departments interested in obtaining a digital sign. Through conversation with them, there is also interest in refreshing the campus-wide design of the digital signs. Additional conversations will be held.

Student Worker Hiring - We are seeking student workers for the Technology Help Desk, Multimedia, and Workstation Support. Interested students are encouraged to apply at Current Recruitments.

Separating Administrator Rights from Workstation Logins for Faculty - We reviewed the plan to pilot the project with a few academic departments prior to making the change for all faculty workstations mid November. Drafted communication was also reviewed. We plan to begin communicating this week and resume the pilot starting next week. The change was made this past spring for all staff workstations and some faculty workstations; see Administrator Rights on Staff Computers.

Enterprise Connect - We are piloting the Enterprise Connect software that will sync local passwords with Norse Key passwords for staff and faculty using Mac workstations. Communication has been drafted and changes will be implemented first for ITS and Library employees.

Library Signage - New signs have been installed in Preus Library to match the campus standard. We are working through details regarding the remaining signs. The removal of the prior signs is also in progress.

VHS Collection Reduction - There was work over the summer to evaluate the library VHS collection and a proposal has been drafted to reduce the size of the collection. This is based on the reality that VHS is an obsolete format and many VHS tapes aren’t circulating.

VCR Players in Classrooms - The VCRs in classrooms and meeting spaces are getting old and failing and eventually we won't be able to replace them. We discussed ways in which to identify the spaces in which VCRs are being used, and how to begin communicating with those who still have VHS tapes to encourage them to explore other media options.

Carillon - The scheduling, operation, and selection of music for the Carillon bell system will be handled by Brooke Joyce and the Music Department.

Roof Access - For safety and liability reasons, Facilities asks that anyone with work-related need to be on a building roof on campus notify Facilities in advance. The preferred method of contact is by entering a Fixit.

Temp Admin Rights Process - We reviewed the process for providing temporary administrative rights. The form and script that have been created are working well. Running the process on a workstation that still has administrative rights removes those rights. We also reviewed how to determine whether or not a workstation still has administrative rights.