User Services Meeting - 8/28/17

Present: Matt, Dave, Chris, Dennis, Larry, Matt, Jack, Jesse, Diane, Ryan, Muaz, Cara

Move-in Weekend - Each year we track the number of interactions during move-in weekend and the week following. This year a Google form was used that captured registrations, printer setups, password resets, and 2-step setups. In addition, tickets were automatically created in kbox. Approximately 700 tickets had been entered thus far. There have been five requests for phones.

ITS Gator - The ITS Gator was sold recently through the Tuesday. We will continue to utilize our eRide.

JN 124 Mac Lab - Upon request of the Music department, the JN Mac Lab was reduced from 10 computers to 4. Once the iMacs were re-imaged with Sierra, their performance was less than ideal and, since they cannot be upgraded, options were discussed. Given usage stats from the Main Floor Library lab, and the fact that there are other Macs in the library, 4 of the 6 iMacs from the Main Floor Library lab will be moved to the JN Mac Lab to replace those currently in the space. In the library, the Digital Media Center has Macs and there are also Macs available in the Curriculum Classroom and on the lower floor, west end.

Additional Lab Updates - The annual imaging of the Macs in campus labs and classrooms is nearly complete. There are two podiums and the JN Mac Lab yet to be re-imaged which will happen prior to the start of classes. The library group study rooms will be re-imaged after the semester begins. The Windows imaging is also nearly complete. CFA 118 is in progress and will be finished prior to the start of classes.

Classroom Checks - Each summer the technology in all classrooms and meeting spaces is checked to ensure it is functioning properly and ready for the start of the semester. All checks are complete and there are only a few spaces that need replacement equipment.

Student Worker Training - For our Technology Help Desk student workers, the student managers returned early and were trained last Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. The student managers will then be training the returning students on Tuesday, prior to the start of classes. For our Multimedia student workers, training will be on Tuesday. We are accepting applications online for both the Technology Help Desk and for Multimedia and anticipate being fully staffed by the end of September.

Circulation Desk Re-imaging - We discussed an issue that arose recently and the workaround in regard to re-imaging the circulation iPads as they are returned from use and prepared for their next use.

Windows 10 and VNC - Recently we have discovered an issue with Windows 10 and VNC. We discussed how to resolve this issue.

Project Updates - Each team member shared projects on which they are currently working.