Computer Refresh Changes

As part of the College’s cost-saving measures, two changes are being implemented this refresh cycle which began with the 2016-2017 academic year. First,  ITS will be “supercharging” computers rather than purchasing new computers. In addition, the College is moving from Macs to Windows computers where possible.

What does it mean to “supercharge” computers?

“Supercharging” computers involves increasing the RAM to 8GB and replacing hard drives with faster 240 GB SSDs (Solid State Drives). The computers will look the same on the outside, but perform much better.

Why are we moving away from Macs on campus?

The College is moving from Macs to Windows computers where possible for several reasons. For example, Apple’s designs hinder the ability of ITS to upgrade and repair Apple products. In addition, Apple does not support operating systems on older hardware as long as we require. Furthermore, the price premium for Apple has expanded.

What is the timing for the faculty and staff computer refreshes?

For the faculty refresh, see
For the staff refresh, see

What additional information may be shared?

In the past, faculty and staff were able to select whatever they preferred, whether Windows or Mac. Due to the higher cost of Mac computers and the changes in Apple’s design which result in a shorter lifespan for Macs, this is no longer sustainable. As of June 1, 2016, Mac desktops cost approximately $600 more than Windows desktops and Mac laptops cost approximately $400 more than Windows laptops. These costs are continually increasing on the Mac platform and remaining steady on the Windows platform.

Furthermore, in the past some College supported software required the Mac platform. This is no longer the case. In fact, there are many campus systems that require the Windows platform. In addition, we now have a campus-wide license for Adobe Creative Cloud which is platform independent.

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