Recent worldwide ransomware attack

You may have seen recent news on a worldwide ransomware attack. Luther-owned computers are already protected from this attack thanks to our automated patching system. Personally-owned Windows computers need to be updated and rebooted immediately if their system updates are out of date.

It is CRITICAL that you accept any pending Windows updates on your personally-owned Windows computers. This is also a good opportunity to double check that your antivirus software is still functioning properly and up to date.

If you are running Windows 7: Click the “start” button, type "windows update" in the search box, then click "Windows update" in the search results. In the left pane click "Check for updates".

If you are running Windows 10: Click the "Search Windows" icon next to the start button, type "check for updates" and click the result of the same name. On the window that appears, click "check for updates".

This attack began around 3 p.m. Friday, May 12. It exploits a vulnerability in Windows operating systems. Windows systems (PCs and servers) that do not have current security updates are vulnerable to this cyber attack, which could lock down and encrypt your computer hard drive until a ransom is paid.

If you are a Luther faculty, staff, student, or emeriti and your computer is infected or you have questions regarding digital security, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 563-387-1000, email [email protected] or enter your request online at