What's New in KATIE - Summer 2016

KATIE has been fully migrated to eThink Education servers. Luther College is partnering with eThink to provide KATIE, our Moodle learning management system, to the Luther College community. Formed in 2008, eThink is a Certified Moodle Partner providing implementation, integration, and management services for Moodle.

Here are a few new things you may see in KATIE:

  • The maximum file size for uploads is 100MB. If your files are already in your courses, you don’t need to worry about those files; they have come over with the migration. So, how will you or your students share large files? One option is uploading the file on Google Drive and sharing that link in your course.
  • You can change how your first name displays by editing your profile. Your name may appear slightly differently than it had previously. 
  • The number of topics generated will be equal to the number of weeks in the course. You can add more topics using the blue Quicksets block. There will no longer be 10 topics automatically generated when you create a course from scratch.
  • If you use i>clickers, you will need a new resource file to connect your clicker software to KATIE. Members of the KATIE Support Team will generate the new file this summer and will be in touch when it's ready.
  • For streaming video or video conferencing requests, enter a ticket at help.luther.edu or contact the Technology Help Desk. The Streaming Video Request and Video Conferencing Request links have been removed from the administration block.
  • The Help Request block has been removed to provide more room for course content. Use help.luther.edu to request support.

If you have any questions or concerns, notify the KATIE Support Team by contacting the Technology Help Desk. Call 563-387-1000, email [email protected], or enter your request online at help.luther.edu.