What is the KATIE support team?

KATIE is Luther’s customized Moodle learning management system.
LIS created a KATIE Support Team of Marcia Gullickson, Bob Puffer, Carsten Earl, Erin Zidlicky, Ahmed Muaz, Jennifer Rian, Lane Schwarz, and the new Instructional Design librarian, Christine Vivian.  The KATIE leadership team of Paul Mattson, Ryan Gjerde, Andi Beckendorf, and Diane Gossman is meeting with the team every two weeks.  Monday, July 14th, the full group held a Kickoff meeting with all librarians, Tabita Green, and Matt Baumann.

KATIE Support Team mission:

  • Communication about anticipated software changes
  • Training to fully use the features and capabilities within KATIE
  • Feedback and evaluation with clear point of contact for ideas and help
  • Provide a reliable and usable KATIE system

In preparation for the upgrade scheduled for August 21st, the initial work for the team is to prepare faculty, staff and students for KATIE changes prior to the start of the Fall semester.  Work on training for the support team, creating instructor guides and tutorials, developing workshops for instructors, and communication is the main focus for this summer. Lane and Bob are working on the technical functionality for the upgrade. Tabita Green is working with the team to provide a site expert review and facilitate usability testing with new faculty.  Travis Huinker is working on design changes and student programmer, Timmah Kamoto, is assisting Bob with theme changes.

Look for information in the coming months on how you can provide feedback and direction on KATIE initiatives.