User Services Meeting - 6/17/14

Present: Erin, Matt H, Matt H, Jennifer R, Ryan, Diane

Screen Sharing Demo - Vine Server, which we’ve been using for Mac remote support, does not work with the brand new Macs with the Retina display. Instead, we’ll use Apple’s built-in screen sharing program. Matt H demoed this product. We discussed its features and the plan for implementation.

GoPrint Client - In their newest version, GoPrint has changed the behavior of the client on the Macs. We discussed whether to include this new client on the image for the summer faculty roll and beyond, or to continue using the past version for now. More research is needed.

Norse Key Password Reset
- Additional information has been added to the
putty display script used as part of the Norse Key password reset process by the LIS Technolgy Help Desk. This will help with troubleshooting and will result in fewer support calls.

LIS Annual Report - We reviewed the information currently in the LIS Annual Report and the information that is still needed from the User Services team.

LIS Strategy Day - In preparation for next week's LIS Strategy Day, we identified the top objectives from User Services for 2014-15 and what information will be shared with LIS.