User Services Meeting - 6/3/14

Present: Carsten, Erin, Matt B, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Jennifer R, Ryan, Diane

Main Technology Upgrades - Bob E reported that the contractors are here and installation has begun on the 10 classrooms being upgraded in Main. The goal is to have them completed by the end of next week.

Olin Painting - The painters are here and classrooms that are used for ROAD (Registration, Orientation, and Advising Day) will be painted this week prior to Monday's ROAD.

ROAD - Carsten shared that Mondays June 9, 16, and 23 are our summer ROAD days this year. We discussed plans to support each of these days.

Commencement - The commencement stream was successful and is available for viewing online for the next year. DVD production is in progress.

Summer Faculty Workshop - June 10-12 in Hovde the LIS Summer Faculty Workshop will be held.

Summer Faculty Roll - Larry shared that workstation orders for this summer's faculty roll, lab/classroom upgrades, and the staff roll have been placed. Matt H reported that the final Mac image will be built next week and will include FileVault encryption. Screen sharing tools, software used by LIS to remotely support questions, will be changing this summer. Scheduling of the summer faculty roll will occur next week for the July upgrades.

Room 120 - The Preus Library Room 120 project is happening this summer and will result in an instruction space similar in design to the Multimedia Lab with permanent technology.

Thaw/Freeze Executable Demo - A report created to identify thawed Windows workstations on a regular basis produced more thawed workstations than expected. To improve security, the method for thawing and freezing lab and classroom workstations will be changing. Matt demoed the method that will be using going forward.

CCleaner - Matt H put a portable version of ccleaner on lis-software and recommends this be used as part of the virus cleanup process in order to be even more thorough.

LIS Strategy Day Prep - We discussed the plans for LIS Strategy Day and the preparation needed by our team. Our next meeting will focus on 2014-15 objectives in preparation for the end of June Strategy Day. Upgrade - Matt H demoed the new version of the kbox. Anyone in LIS who wants to try it out, notify Matt.

Google Calendar Invites via Email - Jennifer shared that ability to create calendar invitations via email will be going away in July.

Annual Report - Matt H reminded the team the draft is due this Friday.

Staff Day - Staff Day is Wednesday, June 4.