User Services Meeting - 3/31/14

Present: Carsten, Bob E, Matt B, Larry, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer S, Jennifer R, Ryan, Diane

Break Update - Over winter break, the digital signage players were upgraded to Windows 7 in advance of the April 8 EOL for Windows XP. In addition, the GoPrint notifications to students of low balances continued to be tested; that process is now live. When students are below $2, $1, or at $0 they will be notified via email. Emails will be sent daily at 5am to students and a full report will be emailed to the LIS Technology Help Desk.

KBOX and Music Support - Mick Layden, Technical Media Coordinator, is now an owner in our KBOX work order system. Multimedia will pass work orders to him for JN, Olin B1, and CFA 217 equipment as appropriate.

Ergonomic Office Setups - Wellness, Facilities, and LIS are partnering to identify office setups that are more ergonomic. The goal is to allow staff who are at their desks most hours of the day to easily and effortlessly move from a sitting to a standing position rather than having to sit throughout the day. - We discussed results of the trial and our options going forward. Pricing details were shared. We are unable to afford the campus-wide subscription, but will be purchasing a few named-user licenses to share.

Peep Diorama Entry - The LIS entry for the Book Shop's annual Peepk Diorama Contest is now complete. Take a look and remember to vote on Friday.